The World of Interiors 2020 – brimming with ‘Versatility’, ‘Confidence’ and ‘Optimism’!

The past few years saw many unsettled by global events – closing doors to retreat and regroup. However 2019 led to many of us opening our windows and letting the light in – experiencing a renewed sense of energy, optimism and purpose. Whereas many past trends (biophilic designs, fusion of minimalism and maximalism, sustainable design, the recycled/upcycled, technological and innovative breakthroughs) have most definitely further manifested themselves, 2020 seems to be most imminently marked by a vogue for versatility and optimism; whether it is in the context of multi-functional spaces, the storage decorative overlap, agender styling or lack of any seasonal borders, The recent Çolours of the Year unveiled by the industry maestros themselves testify to the same:

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Benjamin Moore Colour of the Year 2020!





Benjamin Moore recently unveiled its colour of the year – First Light – a Fresh Palette emblematic of hope, potential, a revitalized spirit, and above all, agender styling as well as lack of  any seasonal borders and connotations– a befitting ‘backdrop for a bright new decade‘.

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Biodegradable recyclable plastic free package icon. Vector bio recyclable degradable label logo template

The world today (plagued by global health, food and financial crisis in the recent past) – embarked onto the road of recovery – in a snapshot: an ever progressing world with global warming and climatic change sparing no one – combating the battle of increasing demand and insufficient supply through technological and innovative breakthroughs along with sustainable, eco-friendly, green and smart-living options. During my trip to London last month, I had the privilege to visit the ‘Design Museum’ there (tucked away on Kensington High Street for those of you planning to visit) where the main topic of research was ‘REDUCE.REUSE.RETHINK‘.  I was enraptured by the wide variety of green material options (having minimum impact on the environment) on display and just had to let you all know about these!

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