Welcome All! A bit about why I’m here – having always been especially passionate about interior design, I find much solace being surrounded by a keen sense of style, fashion, interiors with a purpose; an aura that at the very least infuses the air with keen efforts aimed at especially making the overall experience of a particular space aesthetically pleasing and beneficial for the senses. Having grown up in a household where art/interiors were almost ‘second language’, I always looked towards embellishing interior as well as exterior spaces as a source of great comfort and gratification – even if it were as simple and menial as placing stones/pebbles along with painted gnome sculptures as part of developing a personalized landscape which I did together with my family as a child for our house. However, it was only later on in life when I decided to pursue my passion as a degree that I realized how little I knew about it and how vast interior designing as a formal discipline is.

It was actually when I arrived in the culturally diverse United Arab Emirates, four years ago, that I got the opportunity to pursue interior designing as a formal degree at a well-reputed institution; thereafter completing a masters degree (MA) in Interior Design from Staffordshire University UK, having previously completed a masters (MSc) in Management from Imperial College London and a Diploma in Professional Interior Design from National Design Academy, UK. What’s fantastic about being in the U.A.E is that I have the chance to groom my design knowledge and skills whilst gaining wisdom from great international designers regularly participating in talks and exhibitions in this country. Known to be one of the few global design hubs of the world the U.A.E. showcases a plethora of design prowess and design/architectural marvels such as the great Louvre, Zaha Hadid’s Signature Towers,  Performing Arts Centre and many more.

An interior designer/blogger, a brain trainer and an entrepreneur (at Artezaar),  life for me nowadays is focused around compartmentalizing my time around these roles. No matter how exacting or arduous the daily routine, I always make it a point to find time to connect with my zeal for interior design to rejuvenate and re-energize myself. Even if it is simply taking a short walk down the road to the coziest tiny café downstairs, it’s enough to lift my spirits! Whether it is feasting the eyes upon the warm, snug choice of exposed natural stone walls of its interiors, the organic hemp cushion covers in warm brick and grey colours with scribblings and typography, the burnished yet rustic matte black metal frames of the tables and chairs, the warm wall art showcasing nothing short of the charming hand-crafted vintage feel, or the quiet corner at the other end of the café by the glass window hosting all the festive decor and spirits during Christmas/Ramadan/Halloween seasons and at the same time allowing one the privacy to treat it like a ‘reading nook’ or ‘work corner’; each and every tiny detail makes all the difference.

This blog is a humble effort on my part to discuss anything and everything related to interior designing and try to reach out to fellow design enthusiasts – whether as a profession, academic discipline, hobby, zeal or passion – who could benefit from the discussion in any way possible. Joyce Rachelle once wrote, “There is comfort, even among strangers, when people find something they are equally passionate about.”

My ravings will be based on a number of sources including other blogs, trend forecasting agencies/websites, my own academic knowledge, travelogues, personal encounters/experiences including interviews and trade exhibition visits; of course learning from you along the way as well.

So all you design devotees out there, sit back and relax, grab a cup of coffee (or tea if that’s your fancy!) and watch this world of interiors unravel before you and take you on a whimsical journey full of ideas and knowledge pertaining to a concept/discipline you revere the most. I hope that it initiates an interminable cycle of learning and awareness for us together; not only words of encouragement, but more so constructive criticism are more than welcome!

I have tried my level best to reference all the respective images as accurately as possible. However if any of you spot a discrepancy please feel free to contact me using the link in the main menu of this blog and i shall be more than happy to rectify it.


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