Latest Colour Obsession!

With Pantone and Dulux announcing ‘Living Coral’ and ‘Spiced Honey’ as colours of the year respectively, 2019 is most definitely marked by a prominent shift towards the cozier colour palettes!

When it comes to interior design cultures, I for one, have definitely spent the later half of 2018 obsessing over Antiquarian minimalism – a fusion of maximalism and minimalism in a restrained/elegant way with particularly museum type settings, furniture and décor.  (If you wish to know further details about this particular style, click here). Considering my fascination with antiques in general, you can imagine my joy when Farrow and Ball just recently launched their fabulous collection comprising of nine new colours ranging from exotic pinks, deep reds to a sandy neutral and olive green – and the colour I have been particularly awe struck by is the ‘deepest and richest Baroque Red : Red no 297 Farrow and ball‘:


I feel this colour would be so befitting when paired with antique, vintage as well as nature-inspired interior design schemes. Just recently I attempted 3D-rendering using this colour – as you can see the cane furniture and pebbled/stone flooring (nature-inspired), as well as the antiques/vintage blend in perfectly with the hue 👌 !

Would love to know your opinion about this ‘Deep Red’ in your comments 🙂


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