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shoji partition shapeAs 2017 has come to an end, lets look at what the coming times will have to offer in terms of interior design trends. My two cents – what better time than now to crave for security, warmth, healing, a recollection of the familiar and intimate; the world today predominantly plagued by global health, food and financial crisis, embarked onto the road to recovery nonetheless. An ever progressing world with increasing demand and insufficient supply; enveloped by civil wars and outrage nonetheless; and global warming and climatic change sparing no one. The interiors industry will thereby most certainly be marked by a Blast from the Past combining the old with an eclectic fusion of the following, to say the least:

  • Sustainable/Green Technologies – to minimize environmental footprint,
  • 3D Printing,
  • Relaxed Maximalism,
  • Health/Well-being inducing interiors (chemical free chalk paints), and living smart,
  • Ethnic/Multicultural/Travel – inspired themes,
  • the Bespoke/Handcrafted/Artisanal – the rare/crafty/exclusive/unique rather than ‘brands’ per se,
  • Bringing Nature Indoors, and
  • Positively Bold Colours and the closest parallel with Fashion in a long time.

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