A Wabi-Sabi inspired Design scheme for a Spa

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The suggested ‘Spa Design scheme’ possesses a rustic charm and character where various elements (including sustainability and biophilia – nature inspired design elements) come together in a uniquely wabi-sabi way; at the same time incorporating antiquarian minimalism to add that swank and oomph factor perfectly suited for a luxurious spa scheme; where it will be all about nostalgia and storytelling; where beauty would not be about abandoning self-care or  spending all your time to spackle over every freckle or cover up every gray hair or turn your face into a blank canvas, for that matter; but rather pampering your body without nipping and tucking into submission; taking good care of yourself, your health, wellbeing – much the same way that the Japanese tea masters took exquisite care of their pottery, cracked and imperfect as it was.; wholly engaging ourselves and our senses with nature and the world around us – the natural ecosystem – in fact being in harmony with it. After all, Our stories lie in our imperfections, the scars we got from doing a sport we love, the chipped nails after a day spent in our beloved garden.

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Decoupage and Mixed Media Craft Techniques!

Creating Mixed Media for Different Surfaces

Every craft technique to embellish or transform a particular surface has a basic set of skills or steps that can be learnt or followed to achieve the desired look. When the same becomes a form of artistic expression, the result is a truly special, one-of-a-kind, unique and creative ‘Self-Expression’.  When I first tried my hand on the very basic decoupage technique, it was more of a source of rejuvenation and a way to unwind, up until I decided to test the markets here in the UAE and received an immaculate response.

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