Just When You Think You’ve Seen It All!

Just recently, I came across some great pieces of design and art works (at the INDEX trade exhibition in Dubai, September 2018) and thought I’d share with you guys:

  • The very very talented ‘Needle Painting’ artist, Ms. Rajrani Sisodia hailing from Jaipur, truly creates one-of-a-kind masterpieces of unmatched grandeur, detailing and artisanry. The depth in each piece of work and the ethereal interplay of shadow and light are genuinely awe-inspiring and literally breathe life into the Needle Paintings! It is by varying the direction of the thread to reflect light differently (much like the strokes of a painting brush), that the 3D-lifelike effect is created.

What’s more, these can easily be cleaned/washed and are extremely durable often lasting a lifetime. “All my work is done with pure cotton threads and it can take up to a month or more to complete each Work of Art”, said Ms. Sisodia (at the Index Trade Exhibition in Dubai this year).


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Her talent has been acknowledged and accredited all over the industry including        celebrities, industry professionals, as well as the Indian Royals and Rajkumars! She takes orders and delivers worldwide and can be reached via: rajranisisodia@gmail.com, heritage1717@gmail.com,                  http://www.rajranineedlepaintings.com


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  • There are a lot of Herb gardens currently in the market, but Veritable Smart Indoor Garden (to be launched in December this year) is a definite upgrade compared to all brands currently present. It basically operates using an LED growth light (unlike most brands in the market using UV light) – basically a spectrum of light with a lens embedded in a plastic layer on top. The blue light acts as the growth stimulator while the yellow light brings out the flavour! The models vary between the classic and the smart versions where the latter has the ability to switch between sunlight and LED growth light. It only needs to be watered every two (to four depending on the herb/plant) weeks – to intimate the water level going down there is a light as well as an alarm sensor. There is also a connect version, which is even more comfortable and human-friendly to have around; you can switch this one on and off sitting far away in a cozy couch with the help of a remote. In another instance if you feel that the blue light is making the entire aura a bit too ‘cold’, you may switch it off momentarily. The pre-sown seeds are GMO-free, Pesticide-Free, and final product is compostable and biodegradable. With over 30 plant species to choose from and great taste and quality as well as the compact size of the holder, it is most definitely a great choice to enliven the interiors and surroundings as well as for culinary purposes. (https://www.veritable-potager.fr/en/)


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  • The Magic Room created by the extremely talented visual artist/interior designer Heba Dwaik, using Glow-In-The-Dark Paints on walls! heba@Dwaiks.com, f: HebaDwaikart, Insta: HebaDwaikart


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  • Art UAE , inaugurated by H.H Sheikh Theyab Bin Khalifa Al Nahyan at the Burj Khalifa Dubai, operates as an art curator sourcing out hidden talent. Their focus is basically to promote rich culture and traditions of the UAE through contemporary and modern art; the hope is to bring artists & Art enthusiasts as a community together. (www.artuae.org)

Two pieces with mesmerising details that particularly caught my eye were:


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  • One extremely frivolous, retro-funky and vintage display was by Wondrous Decoration Materials & Partitions Trading LLC – Most of the products were made with reclaimed metal and wood (https://dubaivintageshop.com):


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  • This 3D effect wall by FDC Interiors (fdc-interiors.com) was most definitely in line with the current trends including, CLARITY, BIOTECH and SENSORIAL – and stood a league apart in adding its share of under-stated elegance to the surroundings:


  • A perfect example of a current popular trend, namely the ‘Storage-Decorative Overlap’ by NOFU Nordic Furniture – Creating Homes (www.nofugroup.com). The firm aims to create products which are timelessly elegant, durable, of the highest quality while at the same time functional and of great value and comfort.About durability, designer Bertil is of the opinion that his “creations have character along with being functional; and have the potential to last long enough for you to pass them on to your children”. “Furniture should be a part of the family”, he says.


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  • These indoor/outdoor living tables – in my opinion, perfectly fitted for a patio, balcony or a veranda – provide the perfect interface between the indoors and outdoors – a dire need especially when it comes to apartment living where porches and verandas cannot exist to provide the very same crossroads between the nature/outdoors and indoors. According to Vivid Design (http://vivid.design/), you need to water the plants only about once in 2 months!. Heck, I would even love to have one of these in my dining area with lots of sunlight coming in and floor-to-ceiling-windows; especially keeping in mind the trend of ‘Biophilic Design’ taking over the design world by storm. Getting acquainted with the dried Estonia flower in the jazzy mercury/iridescent vases was truly a treat for the eyes as well!


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  • PrintPac (printpac.ae) wall/floor/counter and chair coverings were equally trendy and the fact that they were actually magnetic in nature (as demonstrated in one of the counter coverings (see pictures) was honestly….super cool! – definitely embodying the trends of ‘techcentric’, ‘handcrafted’ and ‘typography’ in spirit!


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  • These fireplaces by The Flame – Fire Without Smoke (www.theflame.net) are very inspirational and an eco-friendly/eco-conscious/green choice as well; in the sense that they employ sources such as electricity, water and bioethanol. Yep, these would be perfectly suited for the indoors considering that the emissions are quite literally odorless; I would even love to have these in a patio or a veranda with a ‘barbecue’ or a ‘shisha’ setting on a cold winter night (I know my husband would most definitely love that!); or perhaps these could also be deemed most fit for a nostalgic ‘Glamping’ (look it up if you don’t know what it is…you’ll be amazed!!) experience in the heart of the forest.


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  • This modular sofa by Matthew Pope from Matte Furniture (www.mattefurniture.com)  is a perfect example of a hybrid of an aesthetically pleasing and at the same time functional piece of furniture (a rare combination btw!). Absolutely love the colour spectrum where a single piece such as this could add all the colour needed in a single room scheme.


  • And finally, because of my obsession with ‘Resin Coatings, Art and Sculptures’, this sculpture made purely out of Resin could not be missed – placed against a plain black wall did all that is needed to glitz up its presence:



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