Industrial Lighting by ‘Craft by Two’

Design Inspiration

Art isn’t a result; it’s a journey (Seth Godin, 2012)- an experience that can always be felt but not necessarily communicated. I’m sure most of us would agree that the true appreciation of a designer’s/artist’s work cannot be restricted to the mere visual beauty but in fact extends much further and beyond it – to the creator’s journey and inspirations.

Upon first viewing the collection by ‘Craft by two’, it was really love at first sight! And I was instantly driven to a state of trance – back to the times of the 17th Century rustic interiors,

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Mineral Based Wall Coverings!

Design Inspiration

You can really tell the world is changing when your grandmother asks you how you’re doing and if you’re eating well…….via Whatsapp!! Hence it should come as no surprise that in this increasingly tech-centric era the feeling of being alienated from the natural surroundings inevitably engulfs us, leaving behind a desire for a personal sanctuary to switch off occasionally to say the least. Moreover owing to globalization and our world becoming more and more interconnected, people’s perceptions have actually matured to acknowledge the importance of life-like features of the non-human environment – how they are instrumental to physical, emotional and intellectual well-being. Thus bringing these to the forefront of the universal list of priorities. Interior designers today are striving to develop design solutions and ideas that not only emulate nature but also incorporate them into the final scheme/product itself. What’s more, it is no longer considered unconventional to make nature a recognized part of the design process itself!

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